It takes a village to make a babe sparkle. I couldn’t do what I do without the generous support of these amazing people and businesses.

A Dame’s Best Friend

$1,000+ Level


Bright Young Thing

$501-$750 Level

Stacy Deese Waxes and Lashes

The Bees Knees

$251-$500 Level


Up to $100 Level

Partnering with Freya West and/or Delinquent Debutantes opens your business to a dedicated group of women (and more than a few good men!) who are passionate about creating their own ideas of glamor and beauty.

If you’d like to join our cause, contact me to create your personalized sponsorship plan and see our [download id=”1″]. Freya is also available as a brand ambassador or for personal appearances, workshops, or photo shoots to endorse your products or services.