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I know most of you already adhere to these rules and are a joy to fly with, but as a cathartic experiment, I need to vent about my 12 hours in an airport trying to fly for a 1 hour trip. Grr.

Silence is Golden
If you have a cd player, PSP, dvd player or any electronics that make noise, please wear headphones! No one wants to listen to your friend’s rendition of “I shot the Sheriff” 10 times over (true story. It was terrible).

Layer yourself
This is more of a personal choice, but just wearing a velour tracksuit is not the most chic or comfortable way to go. I like to wear multiple layers of tops and have an extra pair of shoes handy in case, like yesterday, I end up waiting for a very long time in an alternately hot and freezing environment.

If you can’t say something nice . . .
Rudeness never gets you anywhere, and is my biggest pet peeve. I understand you’ve been waiting in line for three hours, but so have the rest of us. Especially rudeness to airline employees is unacceptable. They don’t like that you’re stuck with them any more than you do. Keep your attitude in check.

Say Please and Thank you
This is so often forgotten about, but taking an extra second to simply say thanks for trying, or please after your request, even if you’re pissed off, can make the difference between someone helping you because they have to, and genuinely wanting to (which means they might even pull some strings to help you get where you’re going).

It’s more than acceptable to joke about your delays with people, but please do it with a smile. People enjoy being able to let off some steam, just pay attention that you aren’t pushing buttons or bugging someone who just wants to be left alone.

Don’t be that guy
There once was a haughty business man with a bluetooth headset and a loud mouth who cut to the front of the line, scowled at the children trying to entertain themselves and took up half my seat on the plane. Simply put, don’t be that guy.

Spread a little cheer
They shut down my airport for a time yesterday, and amidst the groans of passengers and the frantic phone calls, someone started singing Jingle Bell Rock on the intercom across the way. A few people joined him and started dancing in the way. Most people didn’t stop their grumbles, but when the song was finished, there was a roar of applause for breaking up a tense time.

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  1. Keith


    Don’t forget the repetitive poke’mon soundtrack. Which isn’t even worth having on when you’re the one actually playing it.

    Sound advice though. I second all.

  2. Reply

    LOL – I burst out laughing at the thought of someone singing ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ over and over again, although I really shouldn’t have.. that would’ve been TORTURE! Great tips, Freya – couldn’t agree with them more!

  3. Freya


    James: Haha awesome 🙂

    Keith: Yes, I wanted to fight the “I shot the Sheriff guy with my Tetris music.

    Corrine: Haha, it was awful, and so random!

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