I recently wrote a piece for Pin Curl Magazine, a fantastic resource for the burlesque community, on what life is like when your state and you have artistic differences. Here’s an excerpt:

Censorship and art is an age old battle. Toss in some sex and lowbrow entertainment, and you’ve got a mixture ready to explode. While many blue laws are still on the books across the country, they are often ignored or loosely enforced. But if your art pisses off the right people, you might find old laws enacted on, so it’s best to have a working knowledge of the vice laws that were and are still on your books – even if the last time they were dusted off was to make this delightful “Guide for Strip-teasers” starring Bettie Page in a 1953 edition of Carnival magazine detailing clothing restrictions by state.”

Read the whole piece on Pin Curl Magazine.