Bad days happen to everyone. The days when your hair misbehaves, your body feels like it fits wrong, and your energy meter is on empty.

Body Positivity is about giving up what we’re told we “should be” and “should do” and replacing that with simply being who we are. Meeting yourself in this moment, while working toward positive change, in a way that you define. So what’s an aware lady to do when the voices start shouting and you’re too tired to fight back?

Give yourself permission to not like yourself every second of every day. You’re not failing at body positivity; you’re human. Part of self care is giving yourself a break. Eat that ice cream and watch that guilty pleasure and wallow in that bad day. Sometimes giving in is part of the process of picking yourself back up to fight another day. You get to decide what’s good and healthy for you.

Bottom line: you’ve got this, and we’re rooting for you.