I am honored to be included in Girls to the Moon‘s second annual Campference this year, and as a speaker, they asked if I would be interested in writing a piece on my topic, Loving Your Body Through Thick and Thin. With their help, my piece is now published in the Tennessean!

“I spent years being afraid of my own thighs.

I never wore shorts or short skirts for fear that someone would see my cellulite or notice that my thighs jiggled when I walked. I quit dance in college, my favorite high school sport, because I grew tired of being in the back of the group – not because I was a bad dancer, but because I was “too short and too fat” to be in front.

When a friend convinced me to attend a burlesque show, I was curious but cautious. The American art form involves a performer entering the stage in a lavish costume, and through storytelling, dance and sometimes circus tricks, removing layers of costuming to a final reveal of panties and pasties. I like to call it lowbrow art for highbrow people.”

Read the full piece on their website.